10 year yield
$JTFL tokenomics
ETH price is based at $1,000 in this example.
Total supply 264,624,500
40% of revenue made from the 3500 Genesis Member Access Pass NFT's sell-out will be allocated to JTFL. (50%) 2,457,000 goes to the treasury, and (50%) 2,457,000 goes to the liquidity pool.
Estimated price per coin: 0.02618805 USD
JTFL will be earned through holding one of our NFTs.
Each NFT will earn its respective amount of JTFL as a daily yield, supplying X to the holder and X to the Liquidity pool for 10 years.
  • Common Boarding Pass earns 1 token daily and supplies 1 token per day to the sell pool.
  • Silver Boarding Pass earns 2.5 tokens daily and supplies 2.5 tokens per day to the sell pool.
  • Gold Boarding Pass earns 5 tokens daily and supplies 5 tokens per day to the sell pool.
  • The Access Pass & Alpha Class both earn 10 tokens per day and supply 10 tokens per day to the sell pool.
$JTFL Ecosystem
The JTFL ecosystem will maintain a Liquidity Pool, and provide access to Secondary Market trading, including our Charter Partners, and our ETH Reservoir. Members will be able to buy $JTFL from our liquidity pool, and use it as payment for their flights. Our charter companies are then able to recycle $JTFL by swapping back into ETH, allowing the rest of our members the chance to fly using the token perks.
When JTFL is swapped on any secondary market, there is a 10% burn. Meaning, that when someone buys flight hours with JTFL, 10% will be burned after the charter company swaps it back into ETH. Another 10% burn will be applied before it swaps when someone wants to swap $JTFL to ETH within our liquidity pool. This ensures the holders of JTFL use it for its intended purpose.
Take note of the burning features BEFORE and AFTER Charter companies will not receive a penalty for swapping to ETH
The burn percentage of our contract for our charter partners only will decrease by 1% every year for 9 years until we reach a 1% burn on every transaction after that.
We have allocated the dispersing of our token so the ecosystem grows naturally, safely, and at a consistent rate. The more flight bookings we have amongst our members, the bigger the discount for everyone’s next flight. The burn amount will decrease over time as the $JTFL token value increases due to the decreasing supply from burning. This will secure token longevity.
The $JTFL treasury will be governed by Black Box Collective DAO. After the contract is started, 20% of the funds will automatically be released, and every 6 months following another 10% will unlock until we reach the 60% threshold. A treasury will hold 40% of $JTFL supply, keeping it locked in reserves until January 1st, 2025
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