Access Pass - Genesis
Access to the Booking Platform

Access Pass - Genesis

The Genesis Members Access Pass is the first NFT by Black Box Collective. This NFT will grant holders full access to the Black Box Collective Booking Platform. Our utilities are curated towards establishing a new and more affordable Private Jet Club Experience. We've partnered with FlyExclusive, a top 5 private jet charter operation located in the US with over 95 jets in their fleet. By partnering with them, Black Box Collective offers all members access to their fleet. We will continue establishing new partnerships as the Collective grows over time.
Since all profiles are saved in our database and our Web3 booking platform provides the best rates for your travel needs, the booking will always be quick, easy, and secure. We accept cryptocurrency, Credit, and Debit card payments. In addition to discounted private jet air travel, we provide worldwide concierge services for all aspects of travel from medical flights, discounted luxury vacation rentals, vacation giveaways, and more.

Access Pass Benefits

  • Exclusive savings on a Private Jet Membership
  • 24/7 Access to one of our Private Concierges
  • Access to Black Box Collective Partners
  • Access to Web3 Booking Platform
  • Pay for flights with Crypto
  • Share flights and Daily rates with other Genesis Members
  • First-ever Transferable & Sellable Jet Card
  • Earn $JTFL
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