Alpha Class
Highest Level Membership within Black Box Collective
Alpha Class holders are the highest-ranking members in the ecosystem. We are curating this group to best benefit the company going forward, so to become a member you'll have to apply and have a consultation with us for potential eligibility.
  • Plan to take flights with Black Box Collective.
  • Willing to give feedback as a means for us to grow and improve.
  • Complete an application describing how you can be an asset to this project.
  • Join our Alpha Class discord channel and join the conversation. We want to meet you.

Alpha Class Benefits

  • This group will be considered Counsel Members and hold the highest rank in Black Box Collective.
  • Access to company aircraft. (Access is based on a members seniority* level within the group of 50 and availability of aircraft)
  • Access to Black Box Private Properties & Events
  • Access to Web3 Booking Platform
  • Will have access to future partners and their services.
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