Boarding Pass
Your entry into the Black Box Ecosystem
Black Box Boarding Pass is an entry into the Black Box Collective ecosystem. The perks of owning a Boarding Pass are lifetime entrance to all Black Box events and private properties(Gold only). The Boarding Pass produces a yield token at different rates based on the rarity of the owner's Boarding Pass NFT. (Gold, Silver, or Common) 1 $JTFL = 1 $JTFL.

Boarding Pass Benefits

  • Access to the Local Plug mobile app
  • Private Travel Group discord channel
  • Access to our Business + First Class Partner Iflybusiness (more information on our website)
  • Lifetime Access to Black Box events

Boarding Pass Tier Levels

375 NFTs
100 NFTs
25 NFTs
Yield 1 $JTFL per day
Yield 2.5 $JTFL per day
Yield 5 $JTFL per day
Access to IRL Events
Access to IRL Events
Access to IRL Events
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