Local Plug Mobile App by Black Box Collective

Local Plug™ Mobile App by Black Box Collective

The Black Box Collective is always evolving, working to create new ways to create new and dynamic products to benefit members. We are also working on a personalized Travel Concierge app, built to serve our community, in a "crowd sharing" manner, called the "Local Plug".
  • Real-time information from locals you trust upon Landing.
  • Incentivized Community-driven information
  • A trusted community that curates and governs itself through incentives
  • Member bonuses throughout the country
Community participation is a key element of the Local Plug app. It will act as a hub, allowing members to communicate with each other around the world. Users can act as "plugs" or "hookups" for one another on both services and information where needed. I.E. If a user lives in Las Vegas, they can apply to be a "plug" for others. For example, acting as a "Local Plug" they could provide discounted member hotels, or an "entertainment plug" can help with exclusive shows and restaurant reservations, booking private tables or events for our members while they travel. That way, any member who wants to travel to Las Vegas will have the best assistance in making their trip a memorable one with reliable resources provided by the app.
The “Plugs” in each city will be verified by the team to ensure the safety of all of our members.
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