Flight Sharing Profile
Pseudonymous Profiles for Safe Online Bookings

Our platform is designed to incentivize collaboration between our members to maximize efficiency. Our platform can be used as a tool to proactively reduce the time an aircraft is on the ground and not generating revenue for the charter company.

  • Benefit from flight sharing, alerts, and lower costs
  • Have opportunities for part-time work. This is unheard of in the airlines
Maintenance Personnelle
  • Can service aircraft at will for extra pay as a secondary maintenance job
Catering services
  • Uber eats style
Ground transportation
  • Uber/ Lift services
Our system is designed to match members at onboarding based on their most frequently used airports. The profiles that are visible to other members will be anonymous in the same way a Twitter profile is. Members can interact with others without giving up sensitive data about themselves and also have peace of mind that members on the platform have been screened.
Users are then able to set their preferred or proposed destination cities and our system will send out alerts for flight-sharing opportunities. This solution takes a proactive approach to the problem by sending out alerts when potential matches are found. These alerts are sent to all members who have elected to be notified on flights arriving and departing their favorite airports. The goal here is to reduce the number of empty leg flights for the charter company by having our members fill these seats while paying a discounted rate.

For us to achieve our efficiency goals within this platform, we must incentivize our members so that every member is trying their best to be on time and keep the operations moving as quickly and safely as possible.
For this, we have created a proprietary rating system that currently tracks two metrics.
1) Response time: When booking shared flights, members must respond very quickly to each other to finalize plans. Aircraft availability changes constantly and it is easy to miss opportunities to book a flight if response time is slow.
2) On-time to the aircraft: Each member needs to be on time when arriving at the aircraft at the scheduled time.
*These metrics are used to calculate an efficiency score that will be displayed publicly on your user profile within the platform.
*By using efficiency scores and tokens to incentivize the desired behavior within our system, users will strive to create maximum efficiency. (See diagram below)
By sharing an aircraft, and generating multiple flights on the same plane in a day, users can save costs on rates.
*For example, if a charter company charges USD 5,000 as a daily rate, any additional flights taken on the same aircraft would divide that initial cost with other members' flights. In the graphic here, the $5,000 would be divided by 4 flights. By coordinating flights in this manner, the end-users cost decreases from $5,000 to just $1,250.
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