Web3 Booking Platform
Combining Web3 Communities and Gamification to solve an inefficient system
To introduce practical solutions into an established market, you need a team with the experience to tackle the problems. At BlackBox, our team has over 50 years of combined experience in aviation. Our knowledge makes us the perfect candidates for developing new and effective solutions. Through our platform, we utilize the efficient processes from the commercial airline business to create a more streamlined operation within the private jet sector. Our platform allows individuals in the “supply chain” of jet operations to communicate and transact in a more optimized and economic fashion (Peer-2-Peer). Our solution generates a revenue surplus for the charter company while also saving passengers money.

A New Way to Book Private Flights

We have combined existing flight tracking software with a web3 stack, giving rise to an ultra-modern and innovative way the Private Aviation Industry can operate. In utilizing BlockChain Smart Contracts user verification, currencies transfers, and flights booking is faster than ever before

The Control Panel

Dashboard Concept
We have reimagined the private booking process for flights incorporating better, real-time information and data visualization. Thereby allowing users to make faster, safer, and more proactive decisions, resulting in cheaper flights, and a more user-friendly experience.

Web3 enables Sharing by Community Members

Synergies are created by combining a Travel Platform with a Trusted Community
Flight Sharing Examples:
  • By sharing flights, costs are evenly split between other members on the same flight. Like a two families sharing vacation plans.
  • Taking an aircraft from a member when they land will reduce costs by negating the need pay for repositioning aircraft on empty legs. Our users can easily take advantage of empty legs by coordinating with each other through our app.
  • All members are grouped by their home city to allow easier communication, and incentivize flight sharing. This way flights are coordinated by members and will have a resource they can turn to if they are in a common location and need an ally or local plug.